Le Pain Quotidien

We just arrived at Le Pain Quotidien, and it is a very small cafe in London. I ordered a very delicious smelling ( and sounding!!! ) brioche Mushroom french toast. It was so amazing and the delicious dish I was expecting from them. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly, and released an incredible umami flavor. They put chives on it as well and it added the right amount of herbiness, and another texture altogether. along with that, there was a mushroom cream sauce that soaked deliciously into the brioche toast. It was the BEST TOAST EVER!!! We are coming back every day for breakfast!!! ( If you ever get a chance to go to London, come to Le Pain Quotidien!!! )

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  1. This is great! This kid is already a food critic!! I can’t wait to go to your restaurant when it opens⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Review

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