Eleven Madison Park

I am at Eleven Madison Park. The decor and space is amazing and huge. I feel intimidated by the high ceilings, and the appearance is like a bank. I will now tell you about my three favorite dishes (and a special course that  we were not expecting.)

The first dish was a prawn and avocado roulade. It was amazing. There was a lemon puree on the plate that brought freshness and acidity. There also was a smoked lobster powder on the plate that gave the dish complexity. It was a very light and fresh dish that cleansed your palate, leaving you wanting more. Truly delicious.

The next chosen plate full of yummyness was called Milk and Honey. It was a sphere of milk ice cream filled with honey, and on the bottom of the plate was a salted milk snow. It was heaven on a plate. Balanced perfectly. The milk was deliciously neutral and cooling, with the sweetness of the honey balanced out by the salted milk snow. Flawless, wouldn’t change a thing.

The last dish was the popcorn and Peanut Butter. It was a popcorn ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate wafers covered in chocolate ganache. There was even a piece of caramel popcorn. It was sweet and extremely yummy. The ice cream was genius because it actually tasted like popcorn! Very yum.

Now the special course. The waitress came over, and took us into the kitchen where they gave me a paper chef’s hat. There was a counter set up that they had us walk behind, and then they started making a Bourbon and concord grape cocktail. Now I just had the concord grape part, but it was amazing! I even got to see them use liquid nitrogen! the gas that was wafting towards us was so cool, and amazing. It tasted so fresh and cooling. I LOVED IT. Really the whole experience was great. I would go again any time.

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