Borough Market

Hi, I am Sarah, and today I just landed in London! We were walking up and down the streets of London, and into a small cafe called Pulia. They were selling custard and cherry, just custard,or custard and hazelnut filled Pasticciotto. as we were walking, we passed through the Borough Market. The market was made of many small food carts. The food there was unbelievable! We saw them roast a whole hog on a spit.

They literally roast the whole hog
They literally roast the whole hog

There was one truffle shop, where bowls with truffles in them had lids, and if you took them off, the smell of truffle would wack you in the face! There were giant woks filled with curry, and people were offering you a free sample. Also there were cheese stores with whole wheels of cheese stacked on top of one-another. Quite frankly, everything I laid my eyes on, I wanted to get.

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